Jamie Levenshon-Najman

Director of Caring & Co-Founder 

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​About The Kids Kindness Project

The Kids Kindness mission is give joy and happy moments to undeserved children while promoting the magic of kindness. The Kids Kindness is a charity for kids by kids where children are encouraged  to help each other and become philanthropist at a young age. Through our events such as Kids Play 4 Kids, Kids Cook 4 Kids or our volunteering programs , children get to give back while they have fun.  Thanks to wonderful families, schools  and businesses supporting our cause we have been able to help over 800 children this year.​

To learn more about The Kids Kindness Project
Website: https://thekidskindnessproject.org/
Facebook: The Kids Kindness Project

Hopi Noel Morton

Caring Ambassador  

Ally Glaser 

Caring Ambassador  


​How would you like to care with us?

Caring Guest- Guests are welcome to join us at our next meeting to learn about our group of women and how we have raised over $150K for our local Miami-Dade non profits! For save the dates please follow us on instagram @100womenwhocaremiami

Caring New Member- Thank you for joining our caring tribe! In order to become a member you will need to fill out the membership form and donate your annual membership donation of $412 (We kindly ask that you cover our annual processing fee so the full $100 will go to the winning charity. Please email jamie100wwc@gmail.com for questions and to confirm your membership.

Caring Member Submitting a Charity- In order to submit your charity you will have to complete this form 2 weeks prior to the next meeting. Once completed you will have to email jamie100wwc@gmail.com confirming your submission has been completed. The Miami Foundation will vet the organization by confirming 501c3 status and once approved you will be eligible for our grant! Please remember we only select three chairties to present at random so come prepared with your five minute pitch. No marketing material allowed.

​​Meet our committee

Kim Rodstein


Siona Horowitz

Caring Ambassador